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MAME Library

MAME Library is an iPhoto-like front end / launcher for MAME OS X.

Browse your MAME ROMs visually with a slick iPhoto style interface. Create collections of your favourite games, add ratings & more


  • Organise your games into collections
  • Displays game screenshots in iPhoto like interface
  • Rate your games
  • Stores last played & play counts
  • Live searching of games by title, manufacturer, year, rating, playcout …
  • Show / hide clones, show available / all games
  • Launch games full screen
  • Imports game meta data from MAME OS X

MAME Library uses MUPhotoView for the iPhoto style grid view & Matt Gemmell’s TunesWindow for the ‘polished metal’ window style.


Please check the MAME Library FAQ

Please remember that MAME Library is a free product, written in our spare time. We cannot guarantee any level of support.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.4 or greater, G4, G5 or Intel processor


Downloads are now hosted on Google Code

MAME Library Icon MAME Library List View MAME Library List View