Random Sequence

Random Sequence was started by Johnnie Walker in 2002.

We are a small creative studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We create web sites built with web standards and useful software for Mac OS X & Apps for iPhone OS.

About Us

We make clean, clear websites; a blank canvas to show off your work. We like sites which are visually simple & easy to navigate around. We use simple HTML with a sprinkling of javascript where it’s needed. Our sites are user & search-engine friendly by design.

We believe websites should be dynamic, up to date with your latest news and projects. All of our websites feature full content management systems - you can add, remove & edit your own content without consulting a professional or using any special software - everything is done inside your web browser.

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie studied architecture at Edinburgh College of Art and trained in professional practice with Richard Murphy Architects. There he concentrated on architectural visualisation, ran the company’s website and managed the computer network.

A self-taught programmer & geek at heart, architecture didn’t last long. Following the creation of a successful intranet system for the company, he went freelance in 2002 providing web & IT services for Edinburgh design companies.

Nine years on Johnnie has countless web sites to his name and has mastered their underlying technologies. He has written successful independent apps for Mac OS X, iPhone & iPad.

This Site

For the Technically Minded

This incarnation of randomsequence.com is based on our own MVC framework, written in PHP to interface with a MySQL database. The Random Sequence framework also makes use of the Smarty templating engine and ImageMagick tools.

We develop new sites in Python using the Django framework.

The site is hosted, along with many of our client’s sites, on our own dedicated servers. The web server is Apache, the operating system Debian Linux.

We use Apple computers running Mac OS X.

Our tools of choice are TextMate, Safari, Mercurial, Fireworks, xScope, Sticky Notes and Transmit.