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Sticky Notes for Mac

Need help with “Sticky Notes - This Release Has Expired”?

Looking for a beautifully designed Mac Stickies app which does that little bit more? You’ve found it.

Keep notes on your computer screen, keep lists where you’ll find them. Line them up - sticky notes snap to each other’s edges. Send a Sticky to the screen of a fellow user!

New in Sticky Notes 2.0

  • Fresh new look - gradients & rounded corners
  • New, brighter color scheme (or use classic or custom schemes)
  • Awesome new icon
  • Support for the latest text editing features - spelling, grammar, URLs…
  • Encrypt your notes with DES encryption
  • Notes can now ignore ExposĂ©
  • Coded from scratch using the latest technologies


  • Choose your own colors, design your own color schemes
  • Attach notes to applications
  • Notes snap together & line up
  • Find your notes with Spotlight
  • Keep long notes? We’ve got scrollbars
  • Send notes over your home or office network
  • Applescript interface - easy import & export
  • Growl notifications

Purchase & Download

Sticky Notes is now available exclusively in the Mac App Store.

Sticky Notes 2.0 requires an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 or greater.

Help & Support

  1. Answers to common questions can be found in the FAQ
  2. Feature requests and support questions can be asked on Get Satisfaction
  3. Contact us by email stickynotes@randomsequence.com
Sticky Notes 2.0 Icon