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MAME Library Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get screenshots to replace the default colour bars?

First you need to open Preferences and point MAME Library towards the folder you keep your screenshots in. By default this is ~/Library/Application Support/MAME OS X/Screenshots.

MAME Library expects screenshots to be single png or jpg files named after the ‘short name’ of a game, e.g. The screenshot for PacMan should be named pacman.png

MAME Library also checks for screenshots named 0000.png in named folders for each game - this is location MAME OS X saves screenshots when you press F10 during a game.

How to a play / launch a game?

Select the game you want to play and choose ‘MAME Library > Play Selected Game’, or press return.

When I launch a game the rom starts to load (black screen, then starts to load 1-100%), then MAME OS X quits back to the library. Why?

Sounds like you have an outdated ROM. Try MAWS and see if you ROM is out of date; if so you’ll need to score a new copy. Sorry, we can’t help with that.