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Intro Quiz, a music quiz game based on your music library, is now available from the iOS App Store for iPhone & iPod Touch.

Intro Quiz for iPhone & iPod Touch

I’m pleased to announce that my latest iOS app, Intro Quiz is now available in the iOS App Store.¬†Intro Quiz is free - if you haven’t tried it yet please do so.

As I hope you gleaned from the title, Intro Quiz is a game based on your knowledge of your own music library.¬†This isn’t an original idea, of course. You might remember (fondly, I hope) a similar game featuring on your old, non-touch iPod.

Intro Quiz differs from the iPod original by having fixed length games. The object being to get as many correct answers as you can within the time limit. Faster answers score more points. Incorrect answers are removed as the points remaining decrease.

You can choose to use your entire iPod library as a music source, or restrict choices to a specific playlist. High scores are stored per playlist and for each game duration.

Intro Quiz was conceived, designed and developed by me. The icon was designed by the talented David McLeod (@mucx), who also did the nerd ghost icon for MAME Library. if you’re looking for a designer for your Mac or iOS project, I highly recommend you give him a call.

Version 1.0 of Intro Quiz is funded by ads which appear in the app footer. For version 1.1 I’m working on an in-app purchase to remove those ads forever. I also have lots of ideas for other game types.

I’d love to hear your feedback, bug reports & feature suggestions over on the Get Satisfaction support page.