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Intro Quiz, a music quiz game based on your music library, has been updated for the iPhone 5 screen size, to support songs streaming from iCloud and to include Game Center achievements & leader boards.

Intro Quiz Updated for iPhone 5, iTunes Match, Game Center

After a long time in the wilderness, Intro Quiz has been updated to work with the latest technologies in iOS.

What’s New?

  • Stretched out to fill the iPhone 5’s taller screen
  • Game Center achievements & leader boards
  • Setting to exclude songs stored in iCloud

What’s Changed?

  • When streaming songs, Intro Quiz pauses the game whilst until streaming begins
  • When incorrect answers are removed, they now leave a gap in the table rather than moving other answers

No More Ads, No Longer Free

As a revenue model, ad support hasn’t worked well for Intro Quiz. The uptake on the in-app purchase to remove ads was very low, and the actual ad revenue not much better. We live & learn!

In this update, all ad support has been removed and the app is now a paid purchase. The many thousands of people who downloaded the app before today therefore get a free upgrade, lucky them!