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Here’s how I got DOSBox running on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)

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Installing DOSBox on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)

DOSBox is a PC emulator with built in DOS emulation. You can use it to play cool games from the heyday of sprite-based games (Speedball & Cadaver), as well as early 3D classics such as Doom & Wolfenstien.

I’m sure you can use it for more businesslike applications too, but frankly if your business relies on DOS based software, it’s time for your business to move along.


There is now a DOSBox Uinversal Binary available from the official DOSBox site at SourceForge.

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cd /usr
mkdir src
wget http://www.libsdl.org/release/SDL-1.2.6.tar.gz
gunzip SDL-1.2.6.tar.gz; tar -xf SDL-1.2.6.tar
cd SDL-1.2.6
./configure; make; make install;
cd ../
wget http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/dosbox/dosbox-0.60.tar.gz
gunzip dosbox-0.60.tar.gz; tar -xf dosbox-0.60.tar
cd dosbox-0.60
./configure; make
cd src/
chmod 777 dosbox
cp dosbox ~/Desktop/

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