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Scrap Book

Please Note Scrap Book is no longer maintained, and no longer available for purchase.

Scrap Book for Mac OS X is the ideal place to store notes, images, lists, instructions, recipies and any other type of digital scrap

Scrap Book provides System service which enhances the abilities of the clipboard

Using a global hotkey, the selected text in any application is replaced with a matching scrap from the book. You can use it to store and retreive commonly typed elements, like your name and address, or pieces of HTML

Using a second golbal hot key, you can make scraps from selected text and images in other applications, such as sections of web pages, PDF documents or text editors


  • Works with plain & rich-text files
  • Automatically saves your documents
  • Clean, easy to use interface
  • Supports drag & drop, undo improved
  • Rearrange scraps with the keyboard new
  • Create scraps from text in other apps with a hotkey
  • Paste frequently typed text with a hotkey
  • Live ‘iTunes’ style searching

System Requirements

Scrap Book requires Mac OS X 10.3


Scrap Book 1.1 (750k)