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Sticky Notes 2.1.5 - This Release Has Expired

Quick Summary

There is a bug in a previous Mac App Store version (2.1.5) which prevents it running after the 29th December 2011. To resolve this issue check the Mac App Store for a later version (2.1.6 or greater):

Sticky Notes in the Mac App Store

Full Explanation

In addition to the Mac App Store releases, we make beta releases available to testers for new versions. These versions expire after a month to make sure those using beta software update to the latest releases. Unfortunately a previous version in the Mac App Store (2.1.5) was built and submitted (on the 29th November) with the beta configuration, and therefore expired on the 29th December.

Note that the 2.1.6 version previously available from this page has also expired. If you’re having the same problem simply drag the app to the trash, then download the update from the Mac App Store. You won’t need to pay again and your notes will be preserved. It had to be done this way, otherwise Sticky Notes wouldn’t update from the Mac App Store for you in the future.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.