Random Sequence

Freelancing, Line & The Drum

As of January 2008, I’ve been spending most of my time building websites with the good people at Line.

Over the last few of years I’ve completed a couple of smaller freelance projects with Line and largely enjoyed the experience. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a position as an ‘almost full-time’ in-house developer.

This means that whilst I still have part of the week to devote to freelance work (most notably designer-lights.com), I’m not looking for any new projects until the ones I have in the pipeline are completed.

Whilst 2007 was a successful year for Random Sequence and I’m very pleased with some of the projects completed, the experience of working with a larger team on bigger projects is invaluable. Not to mention the regular salary‚Ķ

The first live project I’ve worked on at Line is a new site for the web, media & marketing magazine, The Drum. Working on a project of this scale is new to me, and working with a designer, front-end developer and having the full support of a room full of other developers certainly is.