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Yesterday Apple released a beta version of its web browser, Safari 3.0 beta, for Mac OS X 10.4, Windows XP & Vista.

Apple Releases Safari 3.0 Beta

As John Gruber points out, the main reasons for the Windows versions are to increase market share for Safari, attract more developers to the browser and to increase search revenue (Apple gets a small referral revenue from Google every time you use the search in the top right).

Interesting features over Safari 2.0:

With a gain in market share for Safari (I’m guessing double what it is now by this time next year), Microsoft will have to respond with a new version of Internet Explorer sooner rather than later. Assuming they improve their standards support for newer versions, this is good for everyone.


  1. Drag vertically first
  2. Requires Preferences > Tabs > Allways Show Tab Bar Enabled