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Improves on the built-in Mail PDF workflow from the print dialog by setting the filename & message title to that of the foremost Safari window.

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Improved Mail PDF from Safari Script for Mac OS X

Using Script Editor, save this file as ‘Mail from Safari as PDF’ into ~/Library/PDF Services.

The script is accessed using the PDF button in a print dialog.

on open these_items
        tell application "Safari"
            set safari_title to do JavaScript "document.title" in front document
        end tell

    set this_text to "Please find attached a copy of " & safari_title & "

Kind regards,

Johnnie Walker “
tell application “Finder” set this_file to item 1 of these_items set the name of this_file to (safari_title & “.pdf”) set theAttchment to this_file as alias set this_file_name to the name of this_file end tell tell application “Mail” set newMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:safari_title, content:this_text & return} tell newMessage

            tell content
                make new attachment with properties ¬
                    {file name:theAttchment} at after last paragraph
            end tell

            set visible to true

        end tell

    end tell
end try

end open

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